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You don’t have to let summer heat or winter cold stop your building project when you rely on multi-family construction temporary HVAC rentals from Construction Heaters Inc. Multi-family construction companies in Ohio, Idaho, Tennessee, and other locations across the US, rely on heaters, a/c, and dryer rentals for climate control.

Multifamily construction climate control


Multi-family construction has experienced exponential growth in the United States over the past decade, with large mixed-use buildings being erected in major cities nationwide.  These diverse structures come in various shapes and sizes, each presenting unique challenges regarding temporary heating, cooling, and drying during construction.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity, multi-family construction projects require adherence to stringent temperature and relative humidity standards for building products.  Providing the right HVAC equipment, we help you create the ideal environment for product acclimation, enhancing your construction projects’ overall quality and durability.


We offer various portable heating, cooling, and drying equipment rentals that can operate on various fuels and power configurations. The construction industry’s standard choice includes natural gas, propane, or diesel direct-fired heaters, which are known for their fuel efficiency. By selecting the safest and most fuel-efficient heating options, you can save significantly on multi-family construction project costs, particularly with the recent rise in fuel prices.


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Why is C.H.I The best choice for residential construction?

Cool, Safe & Efficient Construction Sites

In compliance with OSHA regulations, construction sites must establish cooling stations to prevent heat-related illnesses among personnel.  We help you address this need by providing portable air conditioners and water breeze machines for commercial construction projects.

Portable air conditioning ensures workers’ comfort and reduces moisture levels in the building, expediting the drying times of essential materials like paint, drywall, and Gypcrete.

Dehumidification for Large-Scale Projects

We offer desiccants with air flows of up to 15,000 CFM for substantial commercial projects that demand significant dehumidification capabilities.  These powerful solutions effectively control moisture levels, prevent mold growth, and accelerate the drying process of multi-family structures.

Expert HVAC Sizing & Consultation

We understand that each multi-family construction project is unique. That’s why we provide complimentary sizing services to accurately assess each project’s HVAC needs. Our team of experts collaborates closely with your construction team, providing valuable insights and recommendations to optimize climate control strategies and equipment selection.

Flexible Climate Control for Multi-Family Builds

Portable HVAC rentals can be moved to specific locations around the construction site to provide conditioned air.  Instead of installing a permanent solution, project managers can save money with equipment that can be returned.  When the construction project is completed, the portable heating equipment is returned to the rental company.  No yearly maintenance or repairs are needed.