How to Choose the Best Rental Air Conditioner for Your Facility

Although temporary cooling may seem like a luxury item, the truth is that high temperatures in buildings or on jobsites can become very dangerous to workers, as well as materials. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, if your core body temperature reaches 104 degrees, you’ll need medical attention. If you are a business owner, you also have the added responsibility of providing a safe and healthy workspace for your employees, and that includes keeping temperatures in a safe range. If your business space is experiencing a cooling failure or an AC system isn’t currently installed on a construction or renovation project, a rental air conditioner from CHI may be an ideal solution to prevent harm to employees or other issues.  Here are some different considerations if a rental AC unit is a possibility for your workplace.


One of the most important factors you’ll want to consider when operating a temporary HVAC unit for an office, warehouse or job site is the cost of operating the unit. Cooling units typically require a lot of energy, which can become a surprise expense. When you speak with any of our staff, power availability and estimated energy costs will certainly be a talking point, and if you speak with another company, be sure to ask about energy usage and factor in operating costs to the total month-to-month expense of the rental.


You will also need to obtain specific details regarding the size of the unit required for the space you intend to cool. Portable AC units are designed with specified capacities to cool particular-sized areas. This is where an experienced provider, such as CHI, is key. Not only is the size of the space a factor but other considerations are accounted for, such as the number of entry and exit points, how many people will be in the area, are there any materials or equipment that generate heat, as well as the amount of traffic entering and leaving the area.  All of this information will factor into the proper sizing of a unit.  Using an improperly sized unit may result in poor conditions or result in equipment failure if it is overworked, resulting in inefficient energy usage.


Closely related to size and cost is the overall energy consumption of the unit. This is crucial because you need to ensure that the available energy can support the demands of the unit. If a warehouse or office space is part of a larger area shared by other areas, you need to verify voltage and especially amperage for the whole building or power availability can be impacted for other critical areas. Additionally, depending on the rental unit, you need to ensure that you have the proper connections for any unit and possibly require an electrician to make the initial connection.


Summer is fully underway, and while the warm weather can be enjoyable after you’ve clocked out for the day, it can make your office or other work environments a bit uncomfortable. Working in an environment that’s too hot isn’t just annoying; it can impact productivity as well. Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that improving indoor air quality may help increase workplace performance and productivity by 6% to 9%. To help you stay on track to meet your goals, here are a few ways you can keep your workplace cool this summer.


If you’re working in an office environment and find that heat becomes a constant problem during the summer months, consider upgrading your current HVAC or air conditioning system. HVAC rentals are available for temporary fixes, but for a more permanent solution in your office environment, you’ll want to overhaul the entire system. However, not every situation will have this as an option; installation and purchasing a new system can be expensive, and not all systems will be simple to upgrade.


If you’re dealing with just one particularly hot summer day, look for temporary fixes around the office to lower the temperature just that little extra bit. Opening windows, closing curtains to block direct light, and using portable fans can sometimes be enough for short-term temperature control. However, if you’re facing incredibly high temperatures, these measures might not be sufficient to make the difference you need.


If you’re working on a job site and thinking, “I wonder if there’s a portable air conditioner rental near me,” that might be the best solution for your cooling needs. Rental air conditioners are excellent for short-term solutions when you need cooler temperatures than what can be achieved through other means. This makes them ideal for temporary work locations or areas where you just need a bit of extra cooling power in a specific room. Contact CHI today for all your rental air conditioner needs.