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Construction Heaters Inc. offers heating, dehumidifying and cooling solutions to address any temperature or humidity issue you may have.  With our rental fleet and knowledgeable staff, we provide complete climate control solutions for the construction industry, commercial facilities, businesses and organizations of all types. We tirelessly strive to understand your industry’s unique challenges and requirements, so we tailor custom rental packages that work how you need them to.  You don’t have to guess when it comes to the size, type, or number of HVAC units you will need. Whether you specialize in construction, education, IT, or manufacturing – we invite you to put our expertise to work.

Warehouse Heating and cooling equipment


No matter the size of your project, construction pre-planning with Construction Heaters Inc. can help to streamline the entire build.  From improving the productivity of your workers to protecting valuable building materials, an HVAC plan will help keep your build on time.  With offices from Ohio to Oregon, our construction planning technicians are well acquainted with the demands of changing seasons on every HVAC project.


As you create the plan and process for your build, you will need equipment to arrive at your site on time and where you need it.  We are happy to coordinate with your project managers and reserve the heat, air conditioning, or drying units required for each build phase.  Your team will also have the time to familiarize themselves with our equipment for a more seamless transition.


We encourage you to consider us as part of your pre-planning team and invite us to sit down with your project managers, engineers, electricians, and plumbers.  Our insight into the operation of temporary HVAC units can help ensure that all trades can perform at peak efficiency while protecting your investment in materials.  We will also look ahead to the transition of your rented HVAC to the permanent installation to help things go smoothly.


We will partner with your engineers to recommend industrial HVAC units sized specifically for your changing needs.  We will consider the fuel type, usage, ventilation flow, and housing to ensure your rented machinery performs as expected.  Our team will also be ready to remove unneeded units according to a predetermined timeline.  We understand that plans can change, and we can be flexible to accommodate the ever-changing needs of an active job site.


 Today’s construction experts recommend commercial drying rentals to speed up completion times while limiting damage to sensitive materials.  Including HVAC in your early construction plans offers a wide range of benefits to the job site.


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Construction Heating Inc. provides innovative project monitoring solutions for temperature control, moisture problems, and building material acclimation in industrial and construction projects.  We serve over a dozen U.S. states, including Ohio, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Our team of experts closely monitors worksite conditions through data loggers, software, and other industry-standard technology to ensure they stay within your project’s specific requirements.  A good environment in your warehouse or facility can lead to Improved product quality, better performance, and employee safety.


First, we conduct an initial consultation to understand your project’s requirements.  We will then provide data loggers and software tailored to your unique needs.  Our technicians will install equipment and monitor the conditions throughout the project.

They will also provide regular reports and recommend adjustments to ensure the project meets the required parameters.

Our equipment is specifically designed for industrial and construction projects.  We use data loggers to measure temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, and other environmental parameters.

Our efforts create precise and reliable data to maintain an optimal working environment. Plus, our up-to-date software provides real-time updates, alerts, and reports, ensuring you have complete visibility into the project’s conditions.

At Construction Heating Inc., project monitoring is not just a service we provide—it’s a commitment that reflects our core value of delivering custom, high-quality solutions to every one of our clients.

Our technicians offer precise climate measurement equipment and no-nonsense data reports to facilitate open dialogue with the engineers and managers on your team.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help optimize safety, comfort, and productivity in your workspace.