Cold Storage Climate Control Solutions

Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity in cold storage facilities can be challenging, especially in areas with seasonal or constantly changing outdoor climates. Moisture-related problems often arise from frozen products passing through higher humidity areas. The key solution is to remove moisture from the ambient air before it enters the freezer or dock area. With our team of experts, CHI has successfully eliminated moisture-related issues for many of our customers.

Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels

In temperatures below 50 degrees, relying solely on a refrigerated system won’t suffice to control moisture and condensation. This can lead to:

  • Wet or icy floors
  • Frosted evaporated coils
  • Fogging
  • Frosted products

This means that if your food processing plants and cold storage facilities reach these low temperatures, it’s crucial to have a temperature control solution in place to prevent hazards for workers, product damage, and negative impacts on your equipment. Additionally, in areas prone to extreme weather, it’s equally important to have a contingency plan for power outages to maintain appropriate humidity levels in emergencies.

Have you considered a temporary or rental solution for your facilities?

A temporary or rental solution is often quicker to execute and more cost-effective for most large companies seeking climate control options. CHI offers temporary desiccant dehumidifier systems that provide cool, dry air, allowing dock and freezer areas to operate under positive pressure, effectively preventing moisture from entering the space. Our desiccant system also:

  • Eliminates wet or icy floors
  • Prevents evaporator coils from icing up and reduces defrost cycles
  • Eliminates frost on refrigeration components and conveying systems
  • Controls moisture absorption of cardboard products
  • Operates safer and more cost-effectively

Whether your challenge is seasonal or year-round, CHI can provide a temporary or permanent solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today!