Case Study: Minnesota Cooling Solutions

Building Construction Rehabilitation Requires Temporary Air Conditioner Rentals in Minneapolis, Minnesota

During the renovation of a downtown building in the heart of Minneapolis, the general contractor faced the rise of summer weather—with the approaching increase in temperature and humidity. With critical finishing stages looming and no operational HVAC system, the integrity of the building’s woodwork and flooring installation was at risk. It was then that Construction Heaters, Inc. (C.H.I.) was called to deliver a custom climate control solution.

Heat and Humidity Threaten Installation Integrity

Without an active climate system, high humidity and warm temperatures threatened to impact precision wood cuts and molding, as well as compromise adhesive applications on flooring. Aware of potential issues such as flooring failures and molding deformities under normal humidity levels, maintaining a controlled climate during installation was not just beneficial; it was essential.

Job Site Assessment and Tailored Temporary Cooling Equipment Selection

C.H.I.’s experienced staff quickly assessed the site. They determined that a commercial air conditioning unit would suffice to address the heat effectively, while slightly elevated humidity levels could be managed without additional dehumidification equipment. This not only ensured optimal conditions but also optimized costs for the contractor.

Effective Climate Control with Precision

The chosen commercial-grade cooling units naturally reduced humidity through the cooling process, providing dual benefits without needing separate dehumidifiers. Positioned strategically outdoors, the unit was ducted to the interior, stabilizing conditions and allowing the project to proceed without delays or material damage.

Consistently Cool: Ensuring Construction Quality and Timelines

C.H.I.’s understanding of both the site conditions and the precise capabilities of their equipment meant the air conditioning unit effectively maintained temperatures and moderated humidity levels. The project team was extremely pleased with the environment provided by the rental unit, which remained on-site until the completion of the construction project.

Building Better with C.H.I. as Your Partner

A trusted local provider in Minnesota for decades, C.H.I. has expanded its reach across the U.S. with a commitment to excellence, a broad range of equipment, and unparalleled service. Our extensive experience and fleet cater to various construction needs, whether a new office tower or a sensitive renovation.

Why Choose C.H.I.?

From portable air conditioners to robust commercial heating and dehumidification units, C.H.I. offers tailored climate control solutions that ensure your construction projects operate smoothly without the setbacks weather and climate can cause. Our industry expertise makes CHI the preferred partner for construction professionals and many commercial and industrial clients.

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