Case Study: Air Conditioner Rentals in Connecticut

Emergency Air Conditioner Rentals at the Connecticut University Recreation Center

A private college in central Connecticut faced a cooling challenge in its recreational facility. During the warm months, when many students were away for the summer, several events forced the school to address this cooling issue. 

While the building wasn’t typically used during the summer, several functions were planned, and the college needed to maintain a safe and stable interior temperature. The choice was clear with no permanent cooling system: a temporary cooling system was required for the upcoming events to avoid safety concerns, unhappy participants, or complete cancellation.

Following a recommendation from their mechanical contractor, the institution contacted C.H.I. to visit the building and suggest the best solution. Considering the building size, desired temperature, and power availability, C.H.I. recommended and delivered two 12-ton rental air-conditioning units. The units were staged outside the building and connected through temporary ducting, secured with a makeshift connection in a garage door.

The college could manually operate the units when needed, saving on unnecessary cooling and power costs. The summer events ran as scheduled, and all participants remained unaware that temporary cooling was being used to facilitate the events. Furthermore, the college realized that temporary solutions could be utilized for future issues at a fraction of the cost of upgrading their HVAC systems or losing revenue for cancellations, not to mention avoiding the damage to their reputation that could result from providing subpar conditions at an event.


  • 2 x Rental 12-ton Air Conditioners
  • Delivery of unit
  • Temporary Ducting Installation