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"With over 3,000 pieces of rental heating, cooling, and dehumidifier equipment, let us size the right equipment for your job"

CHI Companies supplies end users and contractors the highest quality equipment offered in the country. Our highly qualified sales team will accurately calculate your conditioning needs. Properly sized equipment will save you thousands of dollars in fuel and equipment charges over a season.

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ClientsThings to consider when renting temporary construction equipment:

Quality Equipment: CHI Companies offers a wide variety of quality equipment to heat, cool, or dry your project. Direct Fired Heaters, Indirect Fired Heaters, Water/Steam Heaters, Electric Heaters, or Ground Thaw Heaters in the winter. Refrigerant Dehumidifiers, Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners and Fans to condition in the warmer months.

Qualified Sales Team: The CHI Sales Team consists of highly qualified, dedicated personnel to help calculate your conditioning needs. Properly sizing your project needs, equipment placement, and equipment type will save your company thousands of dollars in fuel charges, rental equipment charges, and material failures due to improper building temperatures. To find a CHI Companies Sales Representative near you, Click Here.

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Service: CHI Companies has over 40 on-staff service technicians and 70+ independent service teams throughout our territories offering:

-24/7 Emergency Service and Support
-Equipment Deliveries
-Fuel Connections

Utilities and Propane Company Relationships: Over the past 30 years, CHI Companies has created strong relationships with natural gas utility companies and propane companies. These relationships have been beneficial to keep our customers projects on schedule. To better serve our general contractors, we create a monthly fuel price guide and utility contact phone list. To view the Minnesota current natural gas or propane fuel prices and utility contact list Click Here.

Proven Track Record: CHI Companies has successfully worked with some of the largest general contractors on large projects across the country. Our equipment has helped to condition: The Minnesota Vikings training camp, 3M Championship Golf Tournament, Denver International Airport, University of Minnesota TCF stadium, and the University of Washington Husky stadium.

Data Logger

Deliver, Connect, Monitor:

After our qualified service team delivers and connects your equipment, our job isn't finished. CHI Companies will help monitor the project to ensure that the client's needs are filled. Our technicians can place moisture/temperature monitoring devices on the jobsite that calculate hourly or daily reports. We can send the project manager or superintendent these results upon request. These data-logger monitors are an excellent means to help manage your concrete pours, drywall, and painting projects.

Quality Control Checks:

In addition, CHI Companies technicians can perform a Quality Control Check on any project upon request. During a Quality Control Check, a technician will check the temperature, humidity level, natural gas meter size, and/or the LP tank size. Inside the building the technician will check each piece of equipment for proper voltage, safety clearances, thermostat settings, and carbon monoxide levels. The technician will also monitor the inside temperature and relative humidity.

When completed, a copy of the Quality Control Check is left with the superintendent and can be emailed to the project manager. To view a blank Quality Control Checklist Click Here.

Seasonal Billing
CHI Companies Seasonal Billing is a unique way to save your company thousands of dollars in rentals per year. Use our equipment for six months during the Winter and only pay for three.

Construction Heaters Inc. specializes in temporary heater rentals, dehumidifier rentals, and portable air conditioner rentals for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Kansas, and Missouri.